Overview of Japan E-Commerce Market

  Overview of Japan E-Commerce Market

A look at the Japanese EC Market thru Charts

Japan has a population 5.5 times as much as Taiwan and twice the GDP per capita of Taiwan. Even under a conservative estimate, Japan has an EC market 6-8 times bigger than Taiwan.

Scale of Japanese B2C EC Market

Early as 2018, the Japanese EC market has a scale surpassing USD 16Bn (B2C retail only, not incl. online services etc.), with 2020 estimate at over USD 20 Bn

Online Shopping Population in Japan

Japanese are usually slow-to-warm-up, plus, with the complete model of offline business, the development of online shopping develops at a relatively slower pace. However, through the transition of generations, the population engaged in online shopping increases to over 10 million people as of now.

Japanese EC Revenue (by Category)

Fast consumables, electronics, toy, DIY handicrafts, etc. have a higher proportion of orders, while Japanese place fewer orders on food and groceries online (following the traditional shopping habits by purchasing offline)

Permeation of Internet in Japan (by Age)

Way before the invention of smartphones, Japnese cellphones usually allow users to go online, therefore contributing a high permeation of internet at all ages.

Frequency of Japnese EC Website Visits

Among the three major EC players in Japan (Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo), users of Rakuten have the highest rate for revisits, followed by Amazon and Yahoo.

Market Shareof Japanese EC Websites

Among the three major EC players in Japan (Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo), Rakuten has the highest market share (55%), followed by Amazon (32.8%) and Yahoo.

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Value of Japanese EC Market

The value of Japnese EC market is not only based on its market size and room for growth, but also due to its high stability. Plus, compared to other countries, Taiwanese firms have a better competitive edge.

Market Size

As per statistics by relevant institution, the market scale of Japanese B2C EC (not incl. online services) reached JPY 6.8 tn (USD 78 bn), second to China and the US and six-fold to that of Taiwan.

Room for Growth

Japanese usually are slow-to-warm-up, and its E-Commerce market remains in growing stage, accounting for 5.8% of overall retail sales which far lower than the US and Taiwan. Doubled market scale can be expected if the prevalence rate reaches US level.

Mature & Stable

Japanese firms tend to observe and obey all relevant laws and eye one self facilitation instead of defeating competitors through vicious competitions. Without profiteering, Japanese EC market features sustainability with healthy condition which contribute to everlasting businesses.

Competitive Edge of Taiwan

The cultures and habits of Japan and Taiwan are similar, making Taiwanese products relatively easy to be accepted by Japanese consumers. The prices are competitive, and due to the close geographical location, logistics costs and efficiency are also advantageous compared to other countries.