8x the Taiwan EC Market Scale

As per statistics by relevant institution, the market scale of Japanese B2C EC (not incl. online services) reached JPY 6.8 tn (USD 78 bn), second to China and the US and six-fold to that of Taiwan.

Remains in Starting Stage

Japanese usually are slow-to-warm-up, and its E-Commerce market remains in growing stage, accounting for 5.8% of overall retail sales which far lower than the US and Taiwan. Doubled market scale can be expected if the prevalence rate reaches US level.

Developed & Stable EC Market

Japanese firms tend to observe and obey all relevant laws and eye one self facilitation instead of defeating competitors through vicious competitions. Without profiteering, Japanese EC market features sustainability with healthy condition which contribute to everlasting businesses.

Competititve Edge of Taiwanese Product in Japan

Sharing similar culture with Taiwan, Japanese customers have a greater acceptance of Taiwanese products. With competitiveness over the price and proximity in geographical location, Taiwanese products contain a relatively competitive logistic cost and efficiency.

Rakuten Market

Most renowned EC platform. Rakuten has a high permeation rate, especially among the female demographics aged between 20 to 40. This is the only platform among the three charging initial fees, with higher shop opening fee and processing fees upon a deal. It yields higher profitability and sets higher threshold for shop opening, which requires the identity as Japanese corporate.
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Amazon Japan

Has edge over others in logistics. It has a lower threshold for opening a shop and does not require (decor) on shop page. Through FBA, a shop can delegate its order handling, shipment, customer service, etc. to Amazon, saving labors for shops. Amazon only charges processing fees upon deal(s) and does not charge service fees for system use and payments. It features a simpler processing fee computation.
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Yahoo – Yahoo Japan

Since its lift on shop opening fee in 2013, the number of shops on this platform surged, hence causing the shops to fall into price wars. As the shop opening cost is saved, shops may offer prices lower than those on the other two platforms, however, costs on advertising and marketing is a must to gain great exposure and sales. Qualification as a corporate in Japan is required.
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Ready for Japanese opportunities but faced with difficulties?

Various factors including language, qualification as juristic person, and familiarity with business circumsances, market rules, consumer habits, etc. are required to succeed in Japanese market, lacking any of it would lead to failure even with great effort. What follows include special permit, quarantine, cross-border logistics, domestic shipment, marketing, etc., which are the headache to you. Rest assured and have it covered by us!

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Operation Support - Chinese/Japanese Dual-Language Customer Support

Japanese society features great consciousness over service, making a good customer service task the foundation of all businesses, which does not allow a bit of carelessness.

Following patterns of Japnese consumers, our customer service adopts the working days in Japan. Our specialists master in Chinese and Japan, allowing them to correspond to Japanese customers in Japanese and to communicate with clients in Chinese. From pre-sale consultationm after-sale service to emergency handling, each and every part requires attention to details. Any complaint or negative review would sabotage the sales.


Operation Support - Order Handling & Shipping

We set our warehouse at Nagoya situated in central Japan to lower freight and to accelerate shipment.

Nagoya is the geographical center of Japan with the shortest distance to all locations in Japan. By setting our warehouse in this city, the freight can be saved in maximum with delivery pace guaranteed. The warehouse is kept by dedicated personnel, with concentrated shipment once a day. Orders delivered on the same day. Upon returns and exchanges, our warehouse personnel will react onthe same day upon receiving customer feedbacks.


Operation Support - Info & Data Collection

As an emerging industry, the EC market shifts swiftly with tons of operation methods updated frequently. To remain ahead, latest ifnormation and knowledge shall be absorbed frequently.

Daily content collection may be divided in three major parts. A. information, including trends in EC industry, platform ranking algorithm change, latest operating method, in-site promotion, recent popular items, popular keywords, etc.; B. Data, including item ranking, views, deals, conversion, bounce rate, etc.; C. latest activities of main competitors and competitive products.


Operation Support - Imcome & Exenditure Calculations, Payments

Procurement cost, logistics cost, warehousing cost, revenue, surcharges incurred on EC platforms, advertising cost, labor cost, etc. shall be in clear accounts.

Fees charged by EC platforms include shop opening fee, commisisions on deals and on online payments, processing fee on promotion points, affiliate processing fee, etc. varying on platform used (PC, mobile), which can be sufficiently confusing. Settlement on payments vary by platforms, and each and avery account shall be clear. We submit the ledgers for the previous month to our clients and remits the payments after confirmation on the accounts.


Operation Support - Marketing Plan Execution

Overall marketing plans are made by SEO specialists and professional planners, however, concrete execution required collaboration by planners and operating personnel.

Marketing plans involve SEO (modificiation to item title, descriptions, keyword distributions, etc.). page optimization (layout adjustment, images, etc.), word-of-mouth operation (increase in reviews), advertising, external link generation (landing page for channeling traffic), social media management, etc., which contain great workload. Tasks with higher repitition can be made in cooperation by relevant personnel.

EC Success Stories

With a decent product from clients, we can help clients enter the Japanese market with a triumph using our Know-How accumulated over the years.


Bio-Oil® is the leading brand in global skincare sector. The SkinCare Oil series is mainly used to treat skin defects and stretch marks for expected females, coming in four sizes of 25ml, 60ml, 125ml and 200ml. DrySkin Gel contains a main feature of improving dry skin, coming in three sizes of 50ml,100ml and 200ml. Bio-Oil® sales on Rakuten and Amazon Japan realized profits on the 2nd month of its release. We optimized product title, header, page layout, etc. according to Rakuten’s algorithm on ranks, and successfully clinched top 3 in body oil sale (Japanese keyword: ボディオイル) on Rakuten.

Casa SIM is a brand under the Taiwanese firm 173Wi-Fi. Coming in prepaid SIM for various regions including North America, European nations, Asian nations, Greater China region (HK, Macau, Taiwan), etc., Casa SIM targets tourists and businessmen traveling overseas. Casa SIM has a steadily progressing quantity in sales after releasing on Rakuten and Amazon Japan.

ぐるなび(Gurunavi INC. ) is Japan’s biggest restaurant reservation website as well as exclusive agency in Japan for Michelin Guide. Faced with constant increase in Japanese visitors, Gurunavi entrusted us in package release on travel EC websites in Greater China regions to allow tourists order in advance. Our services to Gurunavi include overall planning, product info translation, product release, operations on proxy (order handling, dual-language customer service) and other comprehensive services. 先後在With releases on four travel EC platforms including KKday, Ctrip, Lion Travel and Meituan (formerly known as “Meituan-Dazhing Dianping”, the SKUs surpass 1500 annually, with 10000+ annual deals and annual sales surpassing 60M JPY.

Core Competence - Gaining Traffic & Boosting Sales

It ain’t hard to create a sales page, what matters is operating it until catching eyeballs in the myriads of product and sealing the deals. We follow the operation flow of Optimize First ➤ Market Next ➤ Ads, helping our clients gaining great profits at a low cost by engagement of our professionalism.

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We have opened shops on major EC platforms in Japan. Provide the product and have them released for sale immediately. We provide nimble services at an elastic pricing.

One would not fight a war unprepared, and one would not do businesses with a loss.

Market Research Tetralogy: Knowing Circumstances (Market Condition) ➤ Knowing Oneself (Knowing strengths and weaknesses of your own product) ➤ Knowing Others (Competitors and Competitive Products) ➤ Profit Analysis (Profit/Loss after deducting labor/material costs)

Understanding Market Condition

By utilizing product information provided by clients, we will perform overall market research (market demand, acceptance, main online channels and capacity, classic customer base, etc.)

Micro Analyses on Competitive Products

Following understanding the status of competitors and competitive products, competition strategies are made matching our strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing Rules and Costs

Not only direct spendings but also time cost and labor cost. For example, where a certain item is bound by strict market regulations will result in increase in time and labor cost.

Stimplating Overall Strategy

Posterior to aforementioned surveys and studies, we may determine the items to be sold at a relatively reasonable price and strategy, with accurate judgments on expected sales and profits.

Multinational Deployment and Optimal Resource Allocation

Our offices can be found in Taiwan, China, Japan and Myanmar, showing greater efficiency with optimized allocations using domestic strengths and resources.

Taipei Office

2F, No. 180, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

principal: Peter Tung

Email: peter@n-marketing.net

Phone: +886-2-2746 0260

Primary Service: E-commerce agency and business operations

Tokyo Office

1-7-21, Kami-shakujii eki, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Principle: Komatsu Hiroichi

Email: komatsu@n-marketing.net

Phone: +81-50-5806 2898

Primary Service: E-commerce operation and project planning

Jinan Office

Xinsheng Building, No. 1299 Xinluo Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province

Principle: Kevin Lee

Email: likang@n-marketing.net

Phone: +86-186 1561 8522

Primary Service: E-commerce operation and project execution 

Yangon Office

Sapai,Taungnyunt Twp,Yangon.

Principle: Eileen

Email: eileen@n-marketing.net

Phone: +95-18619510

Primary Service: Technology development and services