Service Flow

● Inspection and Quarantine● Price Competitiveness● Customs Logistics● Competitive Products3. Overall Plan● Market Capacity● Pictures and Other Materials● Keyword● Page Layout● Product Title    (4)Product Listing6. Marketing Promotion1. Market Survey    (1)Opening Procedures (2)Shop Design and Decoration (3)Product Information Translation2. Contract Execution● Customer Service Process and Standard● Other SOP● Customs logistics● Packing, Shipping, returning● Information and Data Collection● Accounts and Money Flow4. Initial Setup● Commodity Information Maintenance● Reputation Operation● Emergency Response● After-sales Service● Pre-sales Advice● Inventory Adjustment● Price adjustment● Pictures and Other Materials● Product Description● Accounts Receivable● Platform Commission● Sales Data● Gross Profi● Market and Competitive Products● Page-views and Changes● Ranking Changes Analysis● Reputation Operation● Promotions● On-site and Off-site Advertising● Turnover and Changes● Conversion Rate and Change● Promotion Effect● Order Processing● Product Update● Japanese Customer Service● Delivery/Return● Statistics● Information Gathering● Marketing Plan● Data Analysis● Product Page Optimization● Selection Optimization● Advertising Campaign Performance 7. Settlement Remittance5. Daily Operation● Executive Marketing Plan● Revenue Calculation