Our Advantages

Hold on Local Resources

Our Japanese corporate established for years has shops opened on platforms like Rakuten etc. Provide your products, and we will make it available rapidly by product launch on platform as well as storage and local delivery services.

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Familiarity w/ Domestic Regulations

As a company having served multiple listed companies in Japan inclding EvoLabelAsia, Dentsu, Gurunavi, etc., we have broad knowledge in Japanese laws & regulations and usiness rules as well as competitiveness equally matched to local companies.

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One-Stop Solution

With familiarity with major Japanese EC platforms including Rakuten, Amazon, etc., we provide one-stop solution entailing shop opening, clearance & logistics, release, customer service, etc., and has obtained great track records.

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SEO Experiences

We helped multiple clients in Japan and Taiwan in implementing SEO by making them appear in top search results under popular keywords such as Texas Hold’em. By utilizing our expertise in analyzing ranking algorithm on platforms, we successfully channel organic traffics for our clients. Organic traffic yileds durable and stable flow at minimal cost, in addition, due to its higher credibility, it will contribute to higher closing rate.

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Unique Cost Advantage

We divide the flow into different tiers and assign non-core labor-intensive tasks to countries with low labor cost including China, Myanmar, etc. to edge over in cost. With operating cost at 1/3 to that of Japan, we have the best cost-performance throughout the industry.

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Innovation in Business Model

The charging model of recurring + revenue sharing model will not truly motivate the providers. In lieu of service charges, we adopt joint ownership with our clients and form the authentic community of interest with them.

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The best choice for Japanese e-commerce operations. If you have any questions, please contact us