About us

Taiwan-China Cooperation

Our branches spread to Taipei, Tokyo and Jinan, they take advantage of each other to achieve the best balance between cost and efficiency

Taipei, Taiwan

Closest to Clients. Facilitates communcations with clients and timely responses.

Tokyo, Japan

Closest to Japanese consumers. With firm grip over the trend of Japanese market.

Jinan, China

Has the low labor cost for talents with high stability. For enduring and stable operation support.

Open & Diverse Corporate Culture. A Convergence of Multanational Talents.

In addition to EC operations, our group also provides cloud teaching sysyem, online Mandarin education, etc. By adopting open and diverse corporate culture, we attract talents worldwide. Currently, we have fellows from Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, the US, Franche, Germany, Thailand and Myanmar learning from one another through friction in ideas and fusion in cultures.