Top 10 e-Commerce Agency Companies Specializing in Japan

Top 10 e-Commerce Agency Companies Specializing in Japan

Japan has continuously ranked among the top five of the world’s largest e-commerce markets. Not only that, but its e-commerce market is among the fastest growing one in the global market. The e-commerce market in Japan has much future for development because of their very developed economy, highly urbanized population, high internet penetration and single language culture. E-commerce businesses in Japan also benefit from the small country size and excellent infrastructure, because it make fast and speedy delivery services. But, Japan has very systematic and clever people, so it needs a good e-commerce agency to help you grow your business among Japanese e-commerce market.

Because of the above mentioned matters, Japan’s e-commerce sector is expected to keep growing actively in the years ahead. The analysts have estimated that Japan will remain among the world’s top five when it comes to online sales. Currently, Japan stands third in e-commerce industry after United States and China. E-commerce revenue is forecasted to grow by about 6 percent yearly between 2018 and 2022.

The future of the Japanese e-commerce industry is very bright in the future. As the online spending for Japan is much due to high competition, the technology among the e-commerce companies is very advanced, people are very rich and their internet usage is extraordinarily high. Thus, Japan has a very high potential in e-commerce. Because of understanding this, the world’s largest retail company, Amazon, has made themselves get a strong foothold there. The very big domestic players such as Yahoo! Japan and Rakuten are also well positioned.

Moreover, although there are very big players in Japanese e-commerce industry, there are also a handful of up and coming small e-commerce companies. Thus, there are a lot of rivalry in the industry of e-commerce. They are B2C, business to customer marketplaces. Moreover, the consumer to consumer C2C has grown strongly over the past years. These marketplaces offer consumers to sell to other consumers, the most prominent example is eBay. There are also other big players like Mercari. So, to have successful trading in the Japanese e-commerce industry, you need a good e-commerce agency that would help you to do well in your work.

A digital e-commerce agency is an external team that partners with your business to solve complex problems and help you achieve your goals. Agencies often achieve this through use of creative, technology and marketing services. Successful agencies have their fingers on the pulse of industry trends, systems and software to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for help with SEO strategies, website design and lead generation, a qualified agency will demonstrate a clear understanding of where e-commerce is headed. Thus, it is very important to have a good e-Commerce agency in your side while entering through Japanese e-commerce. Here are the best e-commerce agencies.


They are a very successful e-commerce company operated in e-commerce industry. The company’s headquarter is situated in Taiwan and it also has offices in Japan, Mainland China, United States.

In addition to the e-commerce operation project, they also have cloud-based teaching systems, Chinese online education and other products. The company upholds an open and diverse corporate culture and attracts talents from all over the world. At present, the company has colleagues from nine countries including Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Thailand and Myanmar. They collide with each other in thinking, integrate cultures, and learn from each other. Thus, since they have different cultures, they have experience of how to work and cooperate with each other although they are different in cultures and abilities. So, their adaptability is so high that they can adapt their working style according to their customers.

And their Japanese subsidiary has been operating for many years and has stores on platforms such as Rakuten. As long as customers provide products, they can be quickly put on sale and can provide warehousing and local delivery services. Japan-ec has served many listed companies such as EvoLableAsia, Dentsu Advertising, ぐるなび, etc. they are well versed in the Japanese Legal system and business rules, and does not suffer from competition with local companies. As for one-stop service, they are familiar with major Japanese e-commerce platforms such as Rakuten, Amazon, etc. can provide one-stop services such as shop opening, customs clearance logistics, shelves, customer service, etc. has achieved excellent sales performance.

The Japan-ec can solve a lot of your problems. If you are eager to try to open up Japanese business opportunities, but you are facing various difficult problems, Japan-ec can solve all of them. One of the problems you might face is language barriers. Moreover, it is necessary not only to have Japanese legal personality, but also to be familiar with the local business environment, market rules and consumption habits. The Japan-ec can solve all of your problems when going into the Japanese e-commerce market. There are much difficulties such as special licenses, inspection and quarantine, cross-border logistics, local shipments, and marketing promotion. How could you pass them? But do not worry, Japan-ec can solve all of those problems. Because they have all!


Digital Marketing Agency Trustcorp is an international agency and was founded by merging in the well-known Norwegian digital marketing agency Oslo SEO and a tema of top marketing experts from the United States, United Kingdom and European Union. According to Clutch, they are one of the top-performing digital marketing and e-commerce agency in Europe in 2019.

In the portfolio of their agency, as of April 2020, there are 48 clients from 27 countries. In 2019, the websites of their clients ranked in Top-3 with more than 9400 keywords with keyword difficulty over 60 around the world, from Japan to Monaco and the United States. The personal record of the agency is increasing 71 percent of search traffic to 17K daily visitors in 1 month for a client from Turkey.

Along with regular local or international business, their digital marketing agency leads successful projects in such highly competitive niches as online casinos, pharmaceuticals, airline tickets, hotels, and many others. Trustcorp uses the latest developments in data analytics and competitor analysis to achieve the highest and most ambitious goals of their clients.



Netwise is a full service digital e-commerce agency for the e-commerce based businesses. It get established on 22nd November, 2001, by Michael Rollins, Director of the agency. For over 10 years, the agency has become successful to satisfy the needs of the clients with good and powerful solutions of development and marketing.

Netwise is very good at giving its customers a great user experience. Their great user experience is more than just a pretty UI. Creating a positive, effective online experience requires more than talent and tools. Their user-centric design process starts with a deep dive into understanding your audience and their unique situations, goals and needs.

More than those designs, Netwise is a good e-commerce agency. They are expert at WordPre, Shopify and Magento e-commerce website development and are proud to be included among the top Magento developers on

Their team of developers is expert in developin e-commerce solutions using Magento, the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform. From simple implementations to heavily customized B2B sale channels, if it runs on Magento, they can build it.

Moreover, people are uing their smartphones to research and purchase products more than ever before. They design and develop responsive and adaptive mobile commerce solutions which put their products literally in the hand of your customers.

They also work with Shopify and have extensive experience with WordPress and its versatile and powerful e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. They also develop multi-lingual and multi-country e-commerce websites designed to serve broad markets. They have been building large-scale multi lingual websites and online stores for many years now, and they have a proven website development process they follow when doing so. When you work with an e-commerce agency like Netwise, you can rest easily knowing that you are cooperating with a good e-commerce agency.

Wasabi Communications

Wasabi Communications is a Tokyo-based e-commerce agency that has been helping companies around the world successfully enter the Japanese market since 2002. It is a Multi lingual e-commerce agency or international team consisting of experienced, multilingual specialists. They are able to bridge the communication gap often found in global projects through professional e-commerce solutions tailored to your organization.

For international clients, they develop e-commerce campaigns, planned and managed by their multilingual specialists, who are able to coordinate seamlessly with their organization’s head office while providing much needed on-the-ground expertise and support in Japan.

Their services cover various areas of e-commerce marketing and tailor-made to each client’s needs. Core services include:

  • Japanese SEO
  • Japanese SEM
  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce Localization.

Their services cover the full spectrum of Japanese e-commerce marketing including strategy, social media, as well as Japanese SEO or SEM, enabling them to support their customers at all stages of their marketing efforts in Japan.

They work closely with their brand to provide highly customized digital marketing solutions catered to their specific needs. They get expertise on the ground in Japan, with the ease of doing business in English language.


Tokyo Web Designs

Tokyo Web Designs is a Japanese e-commerce agency established since 2008. They have been helping their clients achieve their online goals in Japanese e-commerce industry. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a consultant, or your business is small or large, Tokyo Web Solutions helps the best. Their services include Customized English and Japanese Web Designs, English and Japanese E-commerce Solutions, Mobile Optimized Websites and Website Applications, Website Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Japanese Website Company Business Partner, Website Updates and Site Audits.

As for e-commerce, they can help their customers achieve their sales target with an online store that delivers Localization for Japanese e-commerce, superior speed performance, conversion-oriented user experiences and easy customization options.

According to customer feedbacks, they are easily approachable, extremely talented, innovative and responsive. Their insight into the Japanese market and web principles are very helpful. Thus, Tokyo Web Designs is a highly recommended e-commerce agency for any business or individual looking for an online presence in Japan.

The Plant

The Plant is an e-commerce agency founded fifteen years ago in 2005. Since then, they began building products for global companies facing common challenges with unique needs. The customers wanted enterprise-capable systems without the constraints of SaaS or OOTB (out of the box) solutions to be leaders, not followers in their industries.

They have created QOR+ products using a modular, service-based architecture that encapsulates the business logic and needs for Content Management, Commerce, and Personalization systems. These are designed at a lower level than typical SaaS or OOTB solutions to provide solid building blocks which can be quickly extended and combined to create innovative solutions for unique needs.

They believe in their architecture, their control of the entire technology stack, and their team of technology and digital experts has enabled them to deliver on the promise of enterprise systems and startup speed.

The team members of The Plant are their most valuable asset, because great people make great things happen. And they have some of the best business in the business working for them to make the projects of customers to be successful.

One of the advantages of working with The Plant is that you will be working directly with their skilled engineers and planners on their project.

Big Picture International

Big Picture International, Inc. (BPI) is an e-commerce agency in Japan. Their services include business strategy and business development consulting, as well as market entry into Japan, primarily via e-commerce on Japan’s major e-commerce platforms.

BPI’s in-house team manages all aspects of their client’s business from import management to platform localization, marketing and promotion to handling all financial transactions. They also work with some of the best partners to ensure that their design, operations and marketing is the best in the business. Regular and ongoing maximize the business opportunity for their clients.

As for Business Strategy Improvement, BPI’s Japanese and international consultants have held executive positions and possess a broad array of expertise across several industry and professional sectors including film and television, marketing and advertising, mobile business, online and social gaming and healthcare IT. They form an experienced, bilingual Japanese and international team that promises a “best of both worlds” service partnership that helps their clients develop the best business strategies for success in Japan.

As for Business Development Enhancement, BPI has worked with many Japanese and international companies to enhance their business development capabilities by developing effective sales strategies and assisting with implementing those strategies. BPI has delivered senior level contacts from highly vetted prospects, further localized and improved sales and marketing materials, and even acted on behalf of their clients as their sales team in Japan.

And the most promising fact of BPI is that their President and Representative Director, Marc Fuoti, has over 30 years of executive business experience in Japan and Asia. His diverse background and ability to integrate international and Japanese business practices makes him a truly effective business manager. Thus, BPI is something to choose when considering about Japanese e-commerce agency.


WPIC is one of the best e-commerce agency situated in Japan. They have deployed more than 350 brands across China and Japan, and with more than 15 years of on-the-ground experience. It is at the forefront of Asia’s consumer revolution. With a full-service offering that can be tailored for any organization across dozens of sectors, you can lean on WPIC to act as your trusted partner in the world’s biggest markets.

Asia-Pacific region is home to over four billion people. WPIC works specially in these regions. Through WPIC, you can ensure your organization to get a position to fully realize the opportunity that APAC presents. WPIC provides the building blocks and tools that the organizations need to activate in their business in the world’s most important marketplaces.

Fenetre Partners

Fenetre Partners is one of the leading e-commerce agency in Japan that helps you by consulting in the firms of trade, investment, and international marketing, based in Tokyo, Japan. Their clients range from governmental organizations to private corporations in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. The expertise is Fenetre Partners is deep, varied and complete with a solid understanding of the Japanese market and its business culture, which is essential to businesses desiring to enter this market.

Fenetre Partner is an e-commerce agency founded in 2008. They have 28 staff members and they have conducted international projects for over 250 companies in the past 11 years.

Rain Interactive

Rain interactive is an e-commerce agency that has been providing digital marketing services to Japanese and foreign companies for over 10 year. It is based in Tokyo and its services include digital and web marketing, web design and development, support and hosting, and consultation.

Rain Interactive is the go to Japanese web developer for agencies and private companies. Their team brings knowledge, experience, in multilingual marketing. Using the top marketing technologies and ad technologies, they help businesses understand and reach their targeted audiences both on the domestic and global market.

In working with other agencies, Rain helps deliver a full range of services including content creation such as videos and blogs, to mobile commerce sites.

As the world becomes more mobile and digital, it is important for businesses to adapt to the changing technologies. Their goal is to help their clients understand what their customers want and need, and to implement the best ways to engage with those customers. In Japan, in particular, there will be a new wave of adtech and matech, and they help the Japanese companies get ahead of their competitor as quickly and effectively as possible.

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