Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Japanese Local Resources

Our Japanese subsidiary has been operated for many years, has stores on Rakuten and other platforms. Custmoers can quickly list their products for sale. We offer warehousing and delivery services.

Understand Japanese e-commerce market

Familiar with the Local Rules

Worked for many Japanese listed companies such as EvoLableAsia, Dentsu Advertising and is well-versed in the Japanese legal systmen and business rules, able to complete effectively with the local companies.

Understand Japanese e-commerce market

One-stop service

Familiar with major Japanese e-commerce platforms (Rakuten and Amazon), offering the comprehensive services such as store opening, customs logistics, listing and customer service. Achieved outstanding sales performance.

Understanding service processes

Extensive SEO and Marketing Expertise

Specializing in keywords like "Texas Hold'em" for Japanese and Taiwanese clients. Skilled in optimizing platform algorithms, ensuring reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective organic traffic.High trust levels enhance success rates.

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Unique Cost Advantages

Outsourcing labor-intensive non-core functions to low-cost countries like China and Myanmar. Operating costs are reduced to one-third of those in Japan.

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Innovative business model

Abandoning fixed plus commission fees, we opt for a collaborative approach, sharing profits equally with service providers, fostering a true community of shared interests with our clients.

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The best choice for operating an e-commerce agency in Japan. If you have any questions, please contact us.