Our Advantages

Japanese local resources

Our Japanese artificial person runs the branch for several years, we establish platforms on Rakuten, etc., once customers provide products, they can be quickly put on shelf and sold. We also provides local warehousing delivery services.

Get an overview of the Japanese e-commerce market

Familiar with Local Regulation

We have served Japanese listed companies such as EvoLableAsia, Dentsu Advertising, ぐるなび, etc., intimately understand Japanese legal system and business rules, compete with local companies with strength

Get an overview of the Japanese e-commerce market

One-stop Service

Acquaint with major Japanese e-commerce platforms like Rakuten, Amazon, etc., we offer one-stop services such as shop opening, customs clearance logistics, listing, customer service, we have achieved excellent sales performance.

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SEO and Marketing Experience

Assist with Japanese and Taiwan customers implement SEO, take vital terms operation like Texas Hold’em into account. Capable of researching platform ranking algorithms, thus help clients get natural volume. Compared to advertising, natural volume is more stable as its extremely low cost, high credibility and better transaction rate

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Unique Cost Strengthen

Classify business dismantling, place labor-intensive non-core businesses in countries which has low labor costs, such as China and Myanmar, hence gain cost benefits. Their operating costs are only 1/3 of Japan.

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Business Model Innovation

Indeed, the fixed plus drawn fee model cannot motivate service providers . We do not charge service fees, but take a 50% joint venture to build genuine community interest with customers

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