Japanese has 8 times e-commerce scale than Taiwan

statistically Japanese B2C e-commerce (excluding online services) market size is 8.6 trillion yen (78 billion US dollars), third to China and the US, more than 6 times to Taiwan.

Japanese e-commerce still stays in early stage

Japanese types are kind of slow, their e-commerce is still in growth stage, its retail industry proportion(5.8%) is still much lower than the US and Taiwan. If it reaches the same ratio as the US, it will double in size.

Japanese e-commerce market is quite mature and stable

Japanese businessmen abide by laws and regulations, highlight self-improvement instead of vicious competition to defeat opponents. Their e-commerce industry is healthy, sustainable and stable with long standing rather than profiteering .

Taiwanese products have competitive advantages in Japan

Japanese, Taiwan culture and habits are similar, thus Taiwanese products relatively tend to be accepted by Japanese consumers, which with competitive price and close geographical location, their logistics costs and efficiency also superior than other countries.


The most eminent e-commerce platform in Japan.Our penetration rate is notable, especially among young female users aged 20 to 40. The only one charges for initial fee of the three companies, shop opening fee and transaction fee are also higher than the others. So profit margin and store opening threshold are relatively evident, it requires Japanese legal quality to open store.
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Amazon Japan

Advantages over Logistics.Low store opening threshold, no shop decoration is required. ,Order processing, delivery and customer service can be handed over to Amazon through FBA, hence relatively worry-free. Only drawn transaction fees, no system service fees. So handling fee tends to be calculated.
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Japan Yahoo Store

Stores numbers have increased sharply since canceled opening fee in 2013, which leads to stores fall into price competition. Our goods price is lower than the other two platforms as merchants cutting opening fee. So they have to spend extra advertising fees to receive exposure and sales though without store opening fee. Japanese legal personality is required to open a store.
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Are you eager to seize Japanese business opportunities, but facing various difficulties.

Firstly, language barriers, except for Japanese legal personality, you should familiar with local business environment, market rules and consumption habits or you may fail to complete your objective and meet other handicaps in dealing with special licenses, inspection and quarantine, cross-border logistics, local shipments and marketing promotion. But rest assured as we will hold your back.

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Operational support-Chinese and Japanese bilingual customer service

Japan’s social service awareness is very strong, and good customer service is the prerequisite for everything.。

To cater to Japanese consumers, Our customer service is closed with Japanese festivals.They are fluent in Chinese and Japanese, Can respond to Japanese guests in Japanese, Can also communicate with customers in Chinese. From pre-sales consultation to after-sales service to emergency handling, every part must be cautious.If there are complaints or bad reviews, the sales will have extremely serious consequences.


Operation support-order processing, delivery

Our warehouse is located in Nagoya City, Central Japan, to reduce shipping costs and increase delivery speed.

Nagoya is located in the geographical center of Japan, with the shortest distance to all parts of Japan. The location of the warehouse is here, which can not only minimize freight charges, but also ensure the fastest delivery speed. The warehouse is managed by a dedicated person, and the shipment is concentrated once a day. In case of return or exchange, the customer service staff will respond to the day after the customer service staff issues the instruction.


Operational support-gathering information and data

As an emerging industry, e-commerce is constantly changing, and its operating methods are changing with each passing day. In order to stay on the trend, we must always draw on fresh information and knowledge

There are three main parts to be collected daily. One is the information category, including e-commerce industry trends, e-commerce platform ranking algorithm changes, the latest operating methods, site promotions, recent popular products, hot search keywords, etc. The second is data categories, product rankings, page views, turnover, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc. The third is the latest developments of major competitors and competing products.


Operation support-income and expenditure calculation, cash flow

Purchasing costs, logistics costs, warehousing costs, sales revenue, fees charged by e-commerce platforms, advertising expenses, manpower expenses, etc., should be clear

The fees charged by the merchant platform include store opening fees, transaction fees, online payment fees, promotional points handling fees, affiliate handling fees, and PC and mobile transaction fees. The payment settlement cycle of each platform is also different, and each account must be checked clearly. We report the accounts of the previous month to the customers at the beginning of each month. After confirming that the accounts are correct, we remit the money to the customers.


Operational support-marketing plan execution

The overall marketing plan is produced by SEO engineers and professional planners, but the specific implementation of the plan will be jointly implemented by planners and operators

Successful Case of Cross-border E-commerce

Customers only need to provide quality goods. we will assist customers successfully enter Japanese market with accumulated Know-How.


Bio-Oil® is a leading skin-care brand in global. Main functions of SkinCare Oil series is to anti skin imperfections and pregnant fine lines. There are four specifications of 25ml, 60ml, 125ml and 200ml.

Key features of DrySkin Gel is to improve dry skin. There are three specifications of 50ml, 100ml and 200ml.

Bio-Oil® put on sale in Rakuten and Amazon Japan, it earns profits in the second month. We optimize product title, first picture, page layout, etc. in terms of Rakuten’ ranking algorithm, rush into Lotte Body Care Oil (Japanese: ボディオイル English : Body Oil) top three sales category within two months.

Casa SIM affiliates to 173Wi-Fi.

There are prepaid mobile phone cards in countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Asia, Greater China (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) which are specially designed for outbound tourists and overseas business travelers. Casa SIM sales in Rakuten and Amazon Japan with steadily increasing turnover.

ぐるなび(Gurunavi INC.) is the largest gourmet reservation site and exclusive Michelin Guide agent in Japan. ぐるなび commissions us to list products on travel e-commerce website in China so that tourists can make pre-trip reservations as the continuous increase tourists to Japan. We provide overall planning, product information translation, listing, agency operation (order processing, bilingual customer service, etc.) to ぐるなび. Sale on four travel e-commerce platforms including KKday, Ctrip, Lion Travel and Meituan Dianping. The SKU has exceeded 1,500 per year with an annual transaction volume of over 10,000, annual sales over 60 million yen.

Core Competitiveness-Receive Volume, Increase Sales

Focus should be put on operating, receiving attention and dealing in the enormous commodities markets instead of building sales page. We follow the operation sequence of optimizing ➤ marketing ➤ advertising, help customers achieve low cost and high efficiency by our expertise.

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We establish stores on major e-commerce platforms in Japan. You only need to provide products then will receive an immediately on shelf sales. We provide flexible price system and service plan.

No unprepared war, no loss making business.

The four steps of market research: sense situation (market environment) ➤ know yourself(good’ pros and con) ➤ know the enemy(competitors and their goods) ➤ profit analysis (profit and loss after deducting human/material costs)

Sense Market Situation

</p> <p>Customers are requested to provide product information first, we will comprehensive investigate market based on this (market demand, acceptance, major online pipelines and capacity, typical customer groups, etc.)

Competitive Goods Micro Analysis

</p> <p>comprehend competitors and their products, find out yours pros and cons by comparison, so as to formulate targeted strategies.

Familiar with Regulations and Costs

Costs refers not only direct expenses, but also time and labor costs. If market regulation of certain categories is strict, it will increase processing time and labor costs

Settle Overall Strategy

We determine the final item after previous investigation, formulate a relatively reasonable price strategy, make an accurate judgment on expected sales volume and profit.

Multi-country layout, Optimal Resource Allocation

We set offices in Taiwan, China, Japan and Myanmar, optimize allocation and improve efficiency by using local superior resources.

Taipei Office

2F, No. 180, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

principal: Peter Tung

Email: peter@n-marketing.net

Phone: +886-2-2746 0260

Primary Service: E-commerce agency and business operations

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Principle: Komatsu Hiroichi

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Primary Service: E-commerce operation and project planning

Jinan Office

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Principle: Kevin Lee

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Yangon Office

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Primary Service: Technology development and services