About us

Taiwan-China Cooperation

Our branches spread to Taipei, Tokyo and Jinan, they take advantage of each other to achieve the best balance between cost and efficiency

Taipei, China

Taipei is the closest site to customer, it willcommunicate and respond with customers in time

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the closest site to Japanese consumers, it will comprehensively grasp the pulse of Japanese market

Jinan, People’s Republic of China

Jinan has lower labor costs, stable staff and lasting and steady operation support

Open and diverse corporate culture, multiple national elites

We have cloud teaching systems, Chinese online education and other products except for e-commerce operation projects. We upholds an open and diverse culture hence attract talents from all over the world. Currently our colleagues from nine countries including Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Thailand and Myanmar. They cooperate in thinking, integrating cultures and learning.